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We’ve made the DMM App for Android based on how people with limited Internet and budget smartphones use their phones and already share media files. Because of these design decisions some of these things could be new and different for you but they will come more naturally for national partners. Check out the information below, reach out to us with any questions you have and don’t hesitate to rely on locals to help you use and distribute the app.

Watch The DMM App in Action

Quick Start Guide

getting started | from one download to the first 100 users

The DMM App is decentralized and shared person to person – just like Kingdom movements! Instead of an app that connects to an online server each disciple is a server who uses the app to share essential lessons with emerging disciples, churches and leaders.

From one app, lessons can go to any device in the community – no outside funding or special hardware needed. However, the different ways it’s shared depends on the community.

Reach out to us if you’d like to talk about ideas for getting the first 100 users for your people and place. We’d love to connect, listen and think creatively with you.

Email us at [email protected] or message us on Threema. Our Threema ID is EAYXXA5X.

    getting started | your first download

    With one download from this website you will have the app installation file (APK) and a ZIP with all of the lessons ready for any Android device. There are two things you can do with this download:

        1. Put the APK and ZIP on your phone
        2. Put the APK and ZIP onto SD cards to give to your network. They will have all of the lessons without having to download a thing.

    We have seen hundreds of new users get started from just one download. Whether you want this download just for you or for others the process is the same:

          • Each language has its own version of the app. Select the language you want here
          • Then, on the language’s page, click on the button to get the app and download the App Packet
          • When the download is complete you will have the App Packet ZIP folder. Make sure to open this folder immediately

          • Inside the App Packet folder is 1) a guide to get started, 2) the app installation file (APK ) and a ZIP with the all lessons…

          • Copy the ZIP and APK and paste them to your phone or to an SD card…

        It should look like this:

        And now you are ready to install the app.

        Email us at [email protected] or message us on Threema to get help or talk about how to best use the lessons and the app in your community. Our Threema ID is EAYXXA5X.

    getting started | installing the app

    Before you begin, make sure on your SD card or Android device you have the app installation file ( APK ) and the data ZIP of lessons. 

        1. Find the File Manager (it’s sometimes called My Files or something like that) and locate the app installation file – it’s the one that ends with .apk.
        2. Then, tap on the APK to install the app. Depending on the phone’s settings, you might see a warning. If so, tap on Settings and allow Unknown Sources under security and go back and install the app.
        3. The app will install and you’re done and can open it up!
        4. You don’t have any lessons in your app yet. You will be prompted to import the data ZIP of lessons like this…

    Very few people will see a message that their phones can’t open the file. If you see this, you probably need to download a file manager from the Play store to open the APK.

    Email us at [email protected] or message us on Threema (ID EAYXXA5X) to get help or talk about how to best use the app and lessons in your community. 


    multiply | from one download to many SD cards
    In the previous post we covered your first download and making your first SD card.

    Now that the download is on your computer you can make as many SD cards as you need. We recommend making small batches and checking back to the website where you downloaded the app to see if anything is new before you make new SD cards.

    Here are a few things to make multiple SD cards at once. Please note these are examples of what is on the market and not specific product recommendations.

    You could get something like this for each USB drive on your computer to multiply the number of cards you can make at once.








    Or use something like this to make SD cards in the field or transfer files to other types of devices. Tools like these are typically available in country. It’s a good idea to buy one and test it first.

    Making SD cards can be faster than if each emerging leader had to download everything on their own and lets a user get started with everything at once. However, this is not the only way for someone to get started. We will cover other ways in the posts that follow.

    person to person sharing | from one app to many apps

    Users typically use the app to send one lesson at a time until the group has momentum and really needs the app. Once someone is ready for the app here is how to share it using the Movement App.

    STEP 1 – Send the app first

    Go here to share the APK (the app installation file) with someone new. You can share it using any way that is best for you – in person with bluetooth or online using WhatsApp, for example.

    STEP 2 – Then share the lessons to go into the app. Do you want to share the lessons in person or online?

    > To share offline and in person from one DMM App to another DMM App:

      • select the scripture list you want to share
      • find your friend’s emoji and tap on it
      • the app will quickly send your friend all the data for this scripture list

    > To share online from one DMM App to another DMM App:

    • select the module you want to share and the app will make a ZIP of this module
    • then, select how you want to share it using any of the options- ShareIT, WhatsApp, anything,
    • your friend will go here to add the ZIP to his or her app. If there is a new app version it’s in the ZIP too and will easily be installed.

    Note – for your friend to receive files offline or online he or she will go to the same spot and then select one of the two options:

    person to person sharing | from one app to any device (like an iPhone or computer)

    If your friend has a device that isn’t an Android such as an iPhone or computer:

      • select the module you want to share and the app will make a ZIP of this module
      • then, select how you want to share it using any of the options- ShareIT, WhatsApp, anything,
      • your friend will unzip the ZIP and can save and play the media files like they would any other media


    person to person sharing | from one app to many SD cards

    Say a church planter is in a remote location and there is a group who wants the next list of lessons, but the group members only have feature phones – like this Nokia. What to do?

    The church planter can open her app and

      • get the SD card from the friend’s Nokia and put it into her phone
      • select the module of lessons to share
      • and use the app to place them on the SD card


    updating users | from one download to the network

    How do you get updates if the app is offline?

    The short answer is the same way you and your network got the app and lesson files the first time. We discussed these ways in the previous posts, but a summary is:

      • Import a new ZIP that was downloaded from the website or given by a friend
      • Request a playlist with new lessons in it from a friend

    With both of these ways you’ll receive any new files and the new app version. If you have questions,  ideas for us or just want to say hi please email us at [email protected] or message us on Threema. Our Threema ID is EAYXXA5X.

    I have an iPhone. What about me?

    Because Android phones are so prevalent and because they enable easy and robust sharing of files we are currently focused on new features for the DMM App for Android. However, this does not mean we won’t have an iPhone app in the future. Our technology is designed to make it easy to add new types of apps as needs and devices change.

    If you have an iPhone here are some options for you…

    • If your ministry partners use Android, consider buying an Android phone to use for ministry. Then you can easily share anything (not just this app) with those you are investing in in the way they already share and receive. To use the Movement App you can get the cheapest android phone and you don’t need a data plan or SIM card.
    • Download a playlist of lessons from the website and add them to your iPhone like you do other music
    • Use this website on your phone to stream lessons
    • Request someone else with the DMM App for Android to send you a module of lessons (see person to person sharing | from one app to any device like an iPhone or computer )
    • If your network needs an iPhone app please contact us and let us know today


    What about privacy and security?

    Privacy and security are at the heart of everything we do. Please make sure to read our privacy policy and if you have specific quesitons about using the app safely in your specific context please contact us and we can help you. Our email is [email protected] or message us on Threema (ID  EAYXXA5X).

    Help! Something went wrong.

    Please let us know what the problem is, so we can fix it and help you. You can message us on on Threema (User ID EAYXXA5X) or email us at [email protected].

    If you have any problems sharing media files from app to app turn off WiFi for both devices, turn it back on and then try again. If that doesn’t work, see if there is a new version of the app to download.

    When you message us we might ask what version of the app you are using and to send us your logs so we can better fix the problem. Here’s a short video about how to do that:


    Connect, Get Help and Get Updated

    We would love to hear from you!

    Email us at [email protected] or send us a message on Threema (Threema ID: EAYXXA5X).

    Say hello, give feedback or get help with the content or technology.