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FAQs for the Movement App for Android

We’ve made the offline Movement App for Android based on how people with limited Internet and budget smartphones use their phones. Because of these design decisions some of these things might be different for you. Check out the information below and don’t hesitate to rely on local partners to help you use and distribute the app.

What's new with the new version of the darb al wosoul app?


Effective January 29, 2021, if you have been using the darb al wosoul app there are some new changes you need to know about:

  • we no longer use the folder
  • there are hundreds of new lessons
  • check out the videos below and the other topics on this page to help you and your network decide when and how to distribute this

Video 1 – What are the new lessons?



Video Script in English

Hi friends! We have hundreds of new lessons for you so let me give you a quick tour starting with the new for feedback tab…

We have removed all these lessons because we have finished our period of feedback. We listened to your suggestions and made changes in the lessons tab.

You will find them here in the lessons tab.

We have replaced the first 3 modules with new lessons. These new lessons have new questions and the passages from the Bible clarified in the dialect from Dasmacus.

In the Bible tab we have some exciting news!

We have finished the entire Gospel project and you can now find it all here to listen to on your own or study with groups.

Finally the training tab has this new playlist called “Foundations of Spiritual Family”. It is a great training to go through with groups who are moving to new places or any group who has committed to follow the Messiah and wants to learn more about what it looks like to be a community who follows Jesus together. Check out the first lesson in this training series to learn more about it.


Video 2 – What’s new with the app?



Video Script in English

There is a new version of the app and in addition to many small changes we have a few big changes we want to tell you about. We had to do some things differently because with Android 10 Google made a lot of changes.

First off, the app can now work if your phone does not have a memory card.


When you add lessons to your app for the first time the app will ask you where you want the lesson files to go. To internal storage or on the memory card? All the files will go to the location you choose.

Another big change is that we no longer use the folder. Instead we give you a ZIP like this…

When you open up the app for the first time you can select the ZIP and all the lessons from the ZIP will go into the app.

Of course you can still get new lessons from your friend like this….just like before.

With this new app when there are new lessons in the future there will be 2 ways for you to get them.

First from your friend like this….just like before.

Or go here and import any new ZIP.

Any new lessons in the ZIP will be added to your app and you can also get a new version of the app at the same time.


Video 3- What if I have an old version of the app?



Video Script in English

What if you have an old version of the app and you want this new version?

If you want to get the new app from a friend he or she can either:

give you the new app and the new ZIP (this is the fastest and easiest way). Make sure to delete your old app (and the folder if you have it) before installing the new app

or your friend can share with you a new list of lessons and you should see this screen to help you install the new app and then you can get the new lessons you want from your friend

Remember we don’t use the folder anymore. But you can make your own ZIP from the folder and and it to your new app

Go like this and then do this and then do this

That’s all! Please talk to someone you know who is responsible for the app who can tell you more or help you.




How do I download the Movement App for Android and get started?

With one download from this website you will have the app installation file (APK) and all of the lessons ready for any Android device. We have seen hundreds of new users get started from just one download. Whether you want this download just for you or for others the process is the same:


ONE – Each language has its own version of the app. Select the language you want here

TWO – Then, on the language’s page, click on the button to get the app and download the App Packet

THREE –When the download is complete you will have this ZIP folder. Make sure to unzip this folder

FOUR –Inside is the app installation file (APK ) and all of the lessons inside another ZIP like this:

FIVE –Take these two files and add them to your phone or to an SD card and now you are ready to install the app

It should look like this:

Email us at or message us on Threema to say hi or get help. Our Threema ID is EAYXXA5X.


How do I Install the app if it is not in the google play store?

Before you begin, make sure on your SD card or Android device you have the app installation file ( APK ) and the data ZIP of lessons. 

ONE – Find the File Manager (it’s sometimes called My Files or something like that) and locate the app installation file – it’s the one that ends with .apk.

TWO – Then, tap on the APK to install the app. Depending on the phone’s settings, you might see a warning. If so, tap on Settings and allow Unknown Sources under security and go back and install the app.

THREE – The app will install and you’re done and can open it up!

FOUR  – You don’t have any lessons in your app yet. You will be prompted to import the data ZIP of lessons or get them from a friend’s app.

Very few people will see a message that their phones can’t open the file. If you see this, you probably need to download a file manager from the Play store to open the APK.

Email us at or message us on Threema to say hi or get help. Our Threema ID is EAYXXA5X.


How can I give the app and MP3s to others without the internet?


In this video we cover two ways new users can get the app and lesson files without using the Internet. If you want to give someone else the app and lessons, here are your two options:

Option 1

You can make someone a new SD card from the App Package you downloaded from your computer.

Option 2

If you have the app and lessons on your phone you can easily give them to a teammate or local partner without your computer or the Internet. Check out the video above to see how.

Email us at or message us on Threema to say hi or get help. Our Threema ID is EAYXXA5X.

How do offline users get new lessons and/or new versions of the app?

Good question. There are two ways to get what’s new into the app:

  1. Import a new ZIP
  2. Receive a new playlist of lessons

    No matter what way you choose only the new files your app needs are added to your app. Also, if there is a new app installation file (APK) it will be automatically shared and you will be prompted to install it.

Go here to  get new lessons and pick one of the two options: add content or select a ZIP file



I have an iPhone. What about me?


There isn’t an iPhone app, but if you are an iPhone user, you can use this website on your phone to easily search and stream lessons when you need them.

Also from your computer (not your iPhone or iPad) download a playlist of lessons from this website. Once you have done that, you can import those MP3s into your iTunes library, and sync them with your iPhone.


What about privacy and security?

Please make sure to read our privacy policy and if you have specific quesitons about using the app safely in your specific context please contact us and we can help you.

Help! Something went wrong.

Please let us know what the problem is, so we can fix it and help you. You can message us on on Threema (User ID EAYXXA5X) or email us at

If you have any problems sharing media files from app to app turn off WiFi for both devices, turn it back on and then try again. If that doesn’t work, see if there is a new version of the app to download.

When you message us we might ask what version of the app you are using and to send us your logs so we can better fix the problem. Here’s a short video about how to do that:


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