How the Technology Works



The DMM Platform offers privacy and security focused technology that works with limited internet so anyone can  access audio Bibles and DBS lessons and become a disciple who makes disciples.

Watch The Movement App for Android in Action

This app supports MP3s, videos and PDFs. The function of the app is consistent across languages. However the language, branding and content are determined by the Brand Admin. Learn more about launching the app in a new language.

Watch How the Online Share App Helps Expanding Networks

The Share App is available by request only. Contact us for access.

How the Technology Enables Growth

At every stage, the DMM platform offers technology that works with limited internet so anyone can have access to audio Bibles and DBS lessons and become a disciple who makes disciples.

Let’s discover how the technology works as we follow a user from the website > to the movement android app > to the online share app as she sees new generations of groups


Meet Rachel

Rachel – in Jordan

Rachel has been doing trauma counseling among Syrian refugees and found 3 women who are hungry to know Jesus. The group is going well, but she is having a hard time handing off responsibility and that is limiting reproducibility. Rachel heard about The DMM Platform and how it has helped Syrians become disciples who make disciples – from any background and level of education.

Rachel uses the website and...

Searches in English for a topic that will show these women that Jesus speaks to them and his words bring life.

Downloads 50 MP3s with one click and imports them to her iPhone.

Plays the MP3s with the 3 women after the trauma group.

As a result...

As a result,
The 3 women hear Jesus speak in their spoken language, understand the story and are quick to jump in and facilitate. They agree to form a group and start studying Creation to Christ. One person in the group is Nadia….

Meet Nadia

Nadia – Syrian refugee in Jordan

Nadia is a widow, has 4 children and sometimes does odd jobs like clean floors in buildings to pay rent. Over the year of studying Creation to Christ, she has experienced healing, had dreams of Jesus and experienced change in her life and in her community.

A neighboring family sees this change and Nadia helps them start a discovery group. How?

Rachel uses the website and gives Nadia the Android App

Nadia has a budget smart phone, with no free storage space and not enough Internet to download MP3s. Not a problem!

On the website, Rachel downloads the app packet and puts it on a SD card for Nadia.

Nadia installs the app and has 600 MP3s without having to use her limited and expensive internet.

Uses the app to start a new group.

Nadia uses the Movment App...

As a result,

Nadia is listening to the Words of Jesus everyday and sending stories of Jesus to relatives and neighbors on Whatsapp.

She also Bluetooths each lesson to the new group members who also have limited Internet, but don’t need the app yet.


Rachell makes 20 SD cards for Nadia to take to Syria

Rachel downloads the newest app packet from the website.

Copies the app packet to 20 SD cards.

Gives them to Nadia to take to Syria.

As a result,

3 new groups start in her hometown in Syria and are baptized a year later. Within the year, those 3 groups start 4 more groups and give the app to the new groups without needing outside help or new SD cards. Nadia returns to Jordan and continues to meet with Rachel and her original group.

Churches are forming and groups are expanding in different cities and countries. How do they keep updated with new content if the Android App is offline?

Meet the Online Share App

The Online Share App helps clusters of churches with restricted Internet get new lessons and Nadia can…

  • Connect to the Internet to download new lessons at a cafe
  • Be confident her connection cannot be blocked or monitored
  • Travel across borders and checkpoints with an app that hides in plain sight
  • Meet with leadership groups who connect their Offline Apps to the Share App and get new content securely and without Internet
  • Create a WiFi Hotspot so any device with WiFi can get the lessons – even without having installed an app

A Platform for Everyone.

At every stage of movement, the dmm platform offers technology that works with limited and monitored internet so anyone can have access to audio Bibles, DBS lessons and leadership trainings as they join in the Great Commission.

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