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Discovery Bible Study (DBS) MP3s are available for the 80% of people who would rather listen to the Bible in the language they speak than read it. Now anyone in the room can participate in and start a new group.

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darb al wosoul

Spoken Arabic from Damascus

For Syria and Lebanon



For Afghanistan

Kissahoi Payombaron


For Tajikistan

Stealth Brands

Privately Hosted + Upon Request

Growing with You at Every Stage

It all starts and ends offline. These MP3s and technology will free you up to invest in relationships and make it easier for you to start groups that start groups.

The Website

Stream a lesson, download a scripture list to put on your iPhone or download The Movement App for Android.

The Movement App

Made especially to work on budget Android smartphones with limited internet and storage space.

The Learning Lab

Go behind the scenes and learn the whys behind decisions we have made, find best practices and join the experiments we are trying out.

Online Share App

Sync to the internet and take it offline to groups. Any device can get the newest lessons in a secure and private way.

Spread to New Peoples

Start the conversation to get DBS MP3s and other technology into a new community.

What People are Saying

“This engages and empowers all audiences regardless of education level. It spreads quickly and safely and is incredibly easy to use and reproduce.”
Instead of me trying to prepare a Bible study, select scriptures and make sure everyone can understand it, I have this amazing resource that empowers me to more easily reach people and then empowers them to take ownership and leadership.

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